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I have taken a considerable amount of time to consider your project. Rather than have more conversations, I thought that I would distill my reasoning and thoughts into an email message. Following are my thoughts and conclusions.

The project at the Building as proposed and discussed is not an ordinary, run of the mill project. This project does not involve design of a building, nor construction of a building. The project includes the upgrade of the thermal capacities of the building and the renewal of the roof system covering – a highly specialized activity for a building with unusual interior and exterior thermal and moisture characteristics such as a curling rink. Swimming pools, freezer/cooler building and other structures that react quite differently with the ambient exterior conditions.

An architect designs entire buildings, a general contractor constructs entire buildings, a roofing contractor installs roof systems – none of the three occupations are roof system designers – particularly specialized roof system designers – they do not have the education, experience, expertise and professional credentials to be a specialized roof system designer.

I do not design entire buildings, I do not construct entire build buildings – my considerable education, experience, expertise and professional credentials are focused on the exterior of the building – the building envelope which includes the roof system – how do you get 40 years’ experience – 40 years. I have presented my credentials to you and more details are available on my website. It is true that you do not know me personally, but my credentials speak for themselves. 

There is the question of not knowing what you don’t know – as I understand it, the architect and general contractor that you know personally have both agreed to supply you with a “roofing specification” that a roofing contractor of potentially unknown overall capabilities will install on your building. I submit to you that these folks do not know what they don’t know. The design and execution of the roof system by individuals who do not possess the specialized knowledge and experience becomes a situation of “I hope it works”. 

The architect and general contractor do not possess the specialized knowledge and background to evaluate the roofing contractors or to design the roof system.

I have been very enthusiastic about your project from the outset – I view it a professional challenge and a useful project of interest that solves a problem. But the concept of me using all of my professional credentials, expertise and experience to design and develop a roof system that will be offered to “some roofing contractors” of unknown abilities is not a scenario that I am enthusiastic about. I would retain all of the liability for the design of the roof system with no input into the contractor providing the execution of the design and no supervision by me.

A specification is effectively a listing of operations, details and approaches for the – in this case – the installation of a complete roof system. There are always interpretations, details and questions to be resolved and worked through. A specification is not an all-encompassing, paint-by-numbers document. Experience, knowledge and expertise must always be brought to bear on the roof system construction process – in order to ensure the project is completed to the highest standards and the resulting roof system is an excellent installation. It is me that must provide that experience, knowledge and expertise to the project. With respect, the architect and general contractor, are not equipped to fulfill that role. They may be able to do “a job” – but I can provide “the job”. I am sure that they are very capable for overall building projects – but they are not roofing and building envelope experts of my caliber.

I would be pleased to work with you on your Building project – if I am “the building envelope consultant” for the project and I am fully involved in the installation of the new roof system, should the project proceed.

I am not interested in designing a roof system and developing a specification that will be “shopped” to unknown contractors and be used in a competing, run-off process. After more than 40 years in the building envelope profession with unrivalled credentials and qualifications – it makes no sense – professionally and with service to a client – to be involved in an uncertain process that involves considerable responsibility and liability with minimal control.

I repeat that I would be very pleased to work on your project as “the building envelope consultant”. I apologize that that I cannot be involved in the project on the periphery or in minor role.

I thank you for this opportunity to be of service. I will call you today to respond to your call and to discuss further if you wish.

Thank you again,


Building Exterior Consultants Inc.

Daniel P. Winarski B.Sc. C.Q.A.T.

Certified Roof Technologist

Registered Roof Observer

Master of Masonry Repair

Registered Roof Consultant

Registered Waterproofing Consultant

Registered Exterior Wall Consultant

Registered Building Envelope Consultant