Building Exterior Consultants Inc. (BEC)

Building Exterior Consultants Inc. (BEC) is a full service, professional, roof asset management and building envelope consulting company.

Our Mission: to ensure value in approach, expertise in design, excellence in
advice and outstanding quality in installation for all your roofing and building envelope projects.

BEC is completely independent. BEC is not affiliated with, nor tied to any
particular manufacturer, supplier or system. BEC will assist the building
Owner/Manager in maintaining a current roofing asset or building envelope system. If replacement of a roof or building system is necessary, BEC will provide all services necessary to install an excellent, long term building system that suits the economics and requirements of the Owner/ Manager.

BEC is a fully qualified Building Envelope consulting resource. BEC staff possess variable, industry credentials and are fully certified by the leading industry institutions.

The Consultants from BEC possess decades of experience and educational

BEC provides the following Roof and Building Envelope Consulting and Building Asset Management Services:
• Roof system examination, condition assessment and condition reporting with recommendations
• Building envelope – walls, waterproofing and all other exterior element assessment and condition reporting
• Non-destructive testing
– infra-red and capacitance, moisture and humidity monitoring and acute visual assessment
• Destructive testing
– small and large scale core analysis, wall system assessment, concrete assessment and masonry evaluation
• Roof system and roof detail design and implementation
• Building envelope system evaluation, design and detailing
• Air/Vapour barrier design, detailing and inspection
• Waterproofing system design and detailing
• Preparation of detailed specifications for roof and building envelope systems
• Preventative maintenance programmes for roof and building envelope systems
• Roof and building envelope programming with budget forecasting
“It is better to design a roof or building envelope system than to just pick one.”
BEC provides the following Inspection Services:
• Work in progress inspections for roof replacement,
building envelope system installation and Air/Vapour Barrier applications
• Building Envelope continuity inspections
BEC is fully insured with professional and general liability insurance

BUILDING EXTERIOR CONSULTANTS INC. is dedicated to serving our Client’s needs.