About Us

Dan Winarski, owner and operator of BEC, has over 35 years experience in the roofing, waterproofing and building envelope industries. Dan is fully registered and certified by the leading industry organizations. His credentials are second to none in Canada – no one else in the country possesses the experience and qualifications that he brings to a project. His credentials are verifiable. Dan’s qualifications and experience are highlighted to six specific designations –  the Certified Roof Technologist, the RRO (Registered Roof Observer), the RRC (Registered Roof Consultant), the RWC (Registered Waterproofing Consultant), the REWC – Registered Exterior Wall Consultant, the RBEC – Registered Building Envelope Consultant.

Dan has extensive experience (35 years) within the Institutional field, specifically with school boards and other multi-facility clients. He is involved with all phases of existing roof asset management and new construction projects. Other major clients include hospitals, major insurance companies and large industrial concerns.

We are Independent

We do not want to sell a specific product, roof system or building solution, rather we want to tailor the most cost effective solution for the building conditions. We believe it is best to design a roof or building system. Our objective is to provide a full range of specialized, professional services for the building owner/manager/design professional – to be proactive, reduce roof expenditures and surprises.

Why People Choose Us

The Certified Roof Technologist is a designation reached after mastering a number of courses of many different topics with testing at each stage and a final certification exam. Dan was the first candidate in Canada to achieve this designation.

The RRO is the qualifying registration for roof inspection and contractor liaison activities. Again a very difficult examination process is required to qualify for this designation. But the knowledge required for the exam is same knowledge necessary to perform roof inspection well and maintain the highest level of quality assurance for our clients.

The RRC really is the pinnacle of Roof Consulting credentials. A grueling eight-hour certification examination, with a very low (~15%) pass rate, separates those individuals who know roofing from those who don’t.

The RWC is attained after the successful completion of over eight hours of intense examination. Waterproofing, sealants, construction knowledge and expertise are tested to ensure that recipient of the RWC designation is a true professional with extensive knowledge and expertise in those fields. There are only about 35 RWC recipients in the world.

REWC is an building exterior designation that certifies the knowledge of the consultant for wall systems, wall composition, wall materials, wall details and wall performance – a multi-hour exam tests the candidate on all aspects of walls and wall assemblies – a comprehensive exam application protocol and the comprehensive exam ensure that the successful candidate for the REWC designation is a wall expert.

RBEC is the pinnacle designation – the culmination of many, many years of knowledge and experience in the building envelope sciences. The REBC designation is awarded only after successful completion of the Registered Roof Consultant exam and the Registered Waterproofing Consultant exam and the Registered Exterior Wall exam – all three designations are earned after the extensive exam application protocols and very difficult, comprehensive, multi-hour exams. The REBC provides a verifiable credential from the major industry institute – RCI, Inc. – of expertise in all aspects of the building envelope and the building exterior.