Our Services...

BEC - Buiding Exterior Consultants Ltd. is an independent, professional, full service roof consulting and roof asset management company. Services provided include:

  • Roof consulting services for all types of details and systems
  • Preparation of detailed specifications in any necessary format
  • Roof inspection and site review services for all types of systems
  • Roof assessment and condition analysis
  • Insurance investigations, forensic and failure investigations
  • Non destructive testing - including infra-red and capacitance
  • Inspection services for building envelope systems including air and vapour barriers and insulation systems
  • Inspection and quality assurance for EIFS and other wall systems
  • Waterproofing consulting for all types of systems and details
  • Leak source identification – roofs, walls and below grade
  • Wall system assessment and condition analysis
  • Wall system and details design and troubleshooting
  • Moisture migration analysis
  • Building envelope consulting including specification, inspection and analysis of existing conditions and planned projects
  • Roof asset management services include roof assessment, building envelope assessment, detailed recommendations, budget forecasts and costing, roof programming, project management and service life improvement

BEC is independent - we do not want to sell a specific product, roof system or building solution, rather we want to tailor the most cost effective solution for the building conditions. We believe it is better to design a roof or building system, than just to pick one. Our objective is to provide a full range of specialized, professional services for the building owner/manager/design professional - to be proactive, reduce roof expenditures and surprises.

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Ø Wall system assessment and condition analysis